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If you are interested in starting after-school coding classes we can provide you with an instructor or our curriculum or both. If you have an instructor, we can train them with our™ Accredited curriculum. Or we can provide you with one of our exceptional instructors. Our goal is to make your after-school class fun and educational.  Fill out the form. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


  • Demonstrations: 1-2 hours of show and tell demonstration
  • Workshops: 1-4 hours of hands-on education and activities
  • Camps: 15-30 hours/wk of education with projects & assignments
  • Clubs: 1-2 hours of weekly clubs (ie Minecraft Club, Coding Club, Girls STEAM Club)
  • After-School Classes: 1-2 hours each week using AccelerateKID®™ Accredited curriculum
  • Hour of Code: The Hour of Code week (12/3-12/9) will be promoting computer science (aka coding) to kids around the world. AccelerateKID® and along with other supporting organizations will be providing an hour of coding workshops in schools. For more information please click this link.

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