Entrepreneurship is more than just being your own boss or owning a business; to our company, it embodies the fundamental skill sets, developed and adequately directed over time, of one who takes ownership and execution of their ideas, creativity, and ambition. We believe when kids are exposed to this learning at an early age,it allows for excellent controlled acceleration; taking on the competitions in the world is exceedingly improved. All of our programs have these fundamentals embedded in them so that our students come out learning more about their passions and the action steps they need to take as individuals to complete them.

Some skill sets that will be learned, built, and strengthened are organization skills, self-confidence, creativity, good presentation/communication skills, etc.


We tailor every lesson plan to each child’s individual needs; focusing on obtainable goals while also introducing new challenges to encourage kids to positively step outside of their comfort zone. Contact us if you need any help finding the right course for your child.

Our proven curriculum encourages kids to think outside the box through the wonderment of technology. Classes introduce entrepreneurship skills including confidence in presentation, task management, story-boarding/conceptualizing, organization, and in select courses business model development (with our AccelerateKID lean canvas). Our instructors provide mentorship as experienced professionals in the tech industry.

Every 3 months, we assess each student with an individualized evaluation to identify his or hers strengths and any areas needing more attention to ensure each student fulfills their highest potential and achieves a long-term advantage in a competitive world.

AccelerateKID offers lab days in the event of a student absence. Lab days offer a day of catch up for those who missed a session or are falling behind and introduce new challenges to kids who are on track or ahead of the class. Ensuring all kids are able to reach their fullest potential is our highest priority.

Classes are available year-round. New classes are made available each month and schedules can be reviewed prior to registration. Each course runs 4-9 months and meets one day per week for 1-1.5 hours. Payments are made in monthly tuition installments with no commitment; you can cancel at any time.

At the beginning of each class, we review previous instruction and homework for 15 minutes, ensuring all students are caught up. This is continued by 60 minutes of instruction. We conclude each class with 15 minutes of review, homework assignment and student work backup. All students retain rights to any and all work they have completed throughout the class.


We tailor every lesson plan to each child’s individual needs; focusing on obtainable goals while also introducing new challenges to encourage kids to positively step outside of their comfort zone. Contact us if you need any help finding the right course for your child.

Although we can’t guarantee anyone that they will win but we will try our very best to make sure all participants are ready and prepared to compete. Competition class are once a week with the option to attend during open labs to work further to perfect your skills to perform your best in competition.


Our camps offer a fun and rewarding environment for kids to explore and build upon their tech desires. By fusing hands-on experience with peer-to-peer collaboration, camps are the best option to test-drive a course without having to commit to an extended 4-9 month class program. After attending one of our camps, your child will have advanced their STEM resume, while refining their confidence & presentation skills. He/She will be prepared to take their tech aspirations to the next level.

AccelerateKID camps are strategically scheduled around traditional school dates/times so your child can engage in the wonderment of TechEd and you can plan your busy schedule, worry-free. All camps run for 5 consecutive days (Mon-Fri), three hours per day with AM and PM options available. You can mix and match our camps to build a full day of learning and give your child the full AccelerateKID experience.

It’s no question that being a parent is a full-time job, whether your checks are signed by a company, yourself or your child(ren). We offer before and after care for all of our camps and the cost remains the same per week regardless of how many camps you have signed up for. Before care runs from 8:30am to 9:30am and aftercare runs from 4pm to 5pm. Cost is only $25/week/care type. Any additional hours needed is just $5/hour. Indicate the type of care needed upon registration/enrollment. You will be charged for camp care shortly after enrollment.


We offer monthly clubs in an effort to encourage kid collaboration amongst a community comprised of their peers. Kids will be encouraged to share their ideas, goals, projects/portfolio, and engage in various challenges/projects based on the club’s theme. AccelerateKID clubs have been imagined with the intent to help boost your child’s self-esteem, improve creativity and inspire innovation.

Tech education doesn’t have to come with a commitment or a huge price tag. We strive to bring technology to all children, no matter what resources are available to them. For only $10-$15/month, your child will get hands-on experience with valuable, real-world tech-based applications/systems and rethink their preconceived possibilities of technology.


Whether you are interested in a class, camp, workshop, or event, contact us and we will help you decide which program is best suited for your child.