Register For Fall 2020 Semester TechEd Classes

  • Class Registration at Oxford Virtual Academy


    Classes are 14 weeks Starting : Sep 01 – Dec 10, held at OVA LAB (168 South Washington, Oxford, MI 48371)

    Our mission at AccelerateKID® is to create future creators using our unique™ Accredited program. Students not only learn about entrepreneurship and the latest technology but they will also gain 21st century skills including creative designing, critical thinking, teamwork problem solving and public speaking. The first 15 students will be accepted for enrollment and the rest will be placed on a wait list.  

    JavaScript Coding Advanced, Grades 9-12, Tuesday, 10AM-11AM

    AccelerateKID® JavaScript Programming class will teach highschool grades 9-12 about advanced computer science using JavaScript programming language. Students will learn advanced JS programming logic and debug skills, understand JS syntaxes, and develop custom apps and games using sports and animal themes. Additionally, will learn Python and JAVA fundamentals.

    3D Printing Sr., Grades 6-8, Tuesday, 11AM-12PM

    AccelerateKID® 3D Printing Sr. class will teach kids grades 6-8 about advanced 3D modeling and printing using TinkerCAD. Students will learn 3-dimensional advanced modeling and designs, understand measurements and terminologies, and develop custom models like keychain and three-part objects, as well as applying JavaScript coding in shape generation. 

    Scratch Coding, Grades K-5, Tuesday, 12PM-1PM

    AccelerateKID® Scratch Programming class will use M.I.T. Scratch visual programming language which teaches students grades K-5 to understand the basic concepts of programming and debugging skills. Students will design storyboards, develop simple to advanced games like the Maze and Pac-Man to heighten their programming skills with logic operators, loops, variables and more.

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